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Helmet Liners

Keep sweat from eyes and glasses. 
“I wear your helmet liners on every ride, I sweat a lot and they work great for me!”
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SweatHawg helmet liners are the best way to keep sweat out of your eyes, and also keep dripping sweat off of your glasses.
Our helmet liners are ideal for anyone wearing a simple “lid”, motorcyclists, skaters, skiers, equestrians, and especially cyclists. Placed entirely inside the helmet and therefore concealed from view, helmet liners are stealthy, and will not clutter a neat clean “look”.
Helmet liners manage dripping excess sweat by absorbing, wicking, drying, and cooling. SweatHawg Helmet Liners are a natural, collecting sweat at your forehead and wicking it across your head, where your sweat can serve nature's intended function of evaporating and cooling.

Yes! Our helmet liners are coolers, as water absorbs lots of heat while changing state from liquid to vapor. For humid climates, where drying is impaired, we offer helmet liners with a double layer of absorbency, the Helmet Liner X2.  These hold more moisture, since evaporation is slowed by humidity.

Helmet liners were SweatHawg's initial and original product, our "lightbulb product". The term “helmet liner” is sometimes used to refer to a skull cap, we offer those as well. Headbands, skull caps, cycling caps, and so on, do-rags, cap inserts and hard hat sweatbands, all came later at the suggestion of our customers. All absorb, wick, dry, and cool. All serve to keep sweat from your eyes, and to keep sweat from your glasses.

Like all SweatHawg products, our Helmet Liners are made in the USA. One size fits all. They come in a variety of styles including Original, X2 and Hook and Loop and X2 Hook and Loop.