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Sweat Cap Inserts

Sweat Cap Inserts - Sweatband liners for any hat.

Go dripless, such a happy condition! Our cap insert sweatband liners are cap savers that stop the dripping sweat and limit the soaking and sweat staining of the cap itself. 

Just tuck one in front, behind the cap's "sweatband".  Our combination of highly absorbent and aggressively wicking fabrics collect, disperse, evaporate and even cool your sweaty head!

Golfing, walking, running, hiking, baseball, softball, kitchen work, or maybe just stylin’, we will help you manage the sweaty head situation.  Whether you are on the field of play or sitting in the stands, gardening or cooking in a hot kitchen, our cap insert sweat liner will keep sweat out of your eyes and off your glasses any place you wear a hat or a cap, for work or play.