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Experience SweatHawg's Cool Cycling Cap. The sweat absorbing cycling cap would most typically be worn under a helmet, where it is lighter and thinner than the classic cotton, and fits better. The combination of highly absorbent and highly wicking fabrics together absorb, wick, dry, and cool, and put an end to annoying dripping sweat. No more burning eyes or stained glasses! 

The cap is also a good sweat and sun managing choice for runners, and a beautiful cover for the dreaded "helmet hair" during your post-ride sojourn to the brew pub or coffee shop. Sweathawg's cycling cap is a great addition to any cyclist's "kit". Get one now!  

There was a time, pre-helmet, not so long ago, when a cycling cap was the simple standard in head covering for cyclists. Stylish yes, it is also a literally cool practical revision of this classic topper. The traditional cotton cap (heavy and often hot) is now available here in a lightweight technical fabric (hygienic bamboo) with a highly absorbent brow and bill that keeps sweat from eyes and glasses. Sweat collected at the front is wicked over the wearer's head, where it evaporates and cools. This cool, comfortable cap also protects from direct sun on the rider's head, especially the shaved, the bald or the balding. Flip the bill up or down to shade your eyes, or not. SweatHawg's stylish cycling cap is available in solid colors and two-tone combos in burgundyred, green, yellow, gray and white.