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Hard Hat Sweatband

hard-hat-sweatband-construction-worker-sweathawg.jpg  wildland-firefighter-sweathawg.jpg

People looking for hard hat sweat liners should definitely check out our hard hat sweatbands, a better option. Our products stop dripping sweat like nothing else out there.

Revolutionary absorbency is sewn into aggressively wicking anti-microbial bamboo fabrics that disperse, evaporate and cool. Hard hat sweat pads are a major addition to hard hat comfort and safety. They are durable, easily washable, and each hard hat sweat pad has a cushy double layer of ultra-absorbent fabric that absorbs ten times its weight in water! These unique sweat pads REALLY WORK to keep dripping sweat out of your eyes.

Another popular SweatHawg option that also stops dripping sweat are our SweatHawg Skull Caps. Our wildland firefighter Skull Cap X2 also has a double layer of the same aggressively absorbent fabric as the hard hat sweatband, extending from temple to temple, but goes straight on the user’s head rather than wrapping around the brow band of the hard hat.  Sweat absorbed at the brow of the skull cap wicks across the user’s head to evaporate and cool. Either option solves the problem of stinging sweat in your eyes and drips on your glasses, and solves the problem much more effectively than a terry cloth hard hat liner.

Overall, our sweat managing products, in use around the world, are much appreciated and well loved by wildland firefighters, construction workers, construction project managers, road crews, flaggers, and all hard hat wearing folks needing to keep sweat out of their eyes and glasses.  Hard hat sweat pads and skull caps are made for all who wear hard hats, bump hats, welding helmets and face shields.  They offer a huge benefit for both comfort and safety.  Cushy double-thick SweatHawg hard hat sweat pads go from temple to temple, and simply fold around the brow band in most hard hats to manage excess perspiration, connecting easily with hook and loop. These sweat pads and skull caps are VERY comfortable. Machine washable. OSHA Compliant. Made in USA.  Bulk discounts available.