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Sweat Headbands

Stop annoying dripping sweat with our sweat headbands! SweatHawg sports headbands keep sweat from eyes and glasses.
In fact, keeping sweat from your eyes and glasses is our mission in life, across our product line. Unmanaged excess sweat widely impairs performance in both work and play, and we believe we offer the best solutions to this persistent problem. See our guarantee. Whatever the activity, ours is the ultimate sweat headband, earning dozens of five star reviews across use in a wide variety of sports and vocations. 
Our sports headbands are perfect for running, yoga, spin class, jogging, workouts, handball, tennis and squash, (all racquet sports) and more.  From chefs, line cooks, or anyone working in a hot kitchen, to gardeners, maintenance workers and beyond, SweatHawgs stop burning sweat in your eyes.  Our sweat headbands also work great under most helmets, for cyclists, skaters, and even contact sports such as football, lacrosse, and hockey. You may wish to look through the full product line. We have something for anyone doing anything.

Ultra absorbent and ultra wicking anti-microbial bamboo fabrics have been sewed up together in our sports headbands to absorb and disperse excess sweat. This unique combination of materials stops annoying and performance impairing dripping sweat.

These stylish, comfortable, and versatile sweatbands are great anytime and anywhere dripping sweat interferes with recreational or professional performance.  One size fits all. An adjustable rear hook and loop closure ensures our sweat headband fits perfectly.  

The sweat headband's outer layer is soft lightweight anti-microbial bamboo fabric. Our sports headbands come in an assortment of colors, reds, greens, grays, and camo.
We also offer them at two levels of absorbency, with either one or two layers of integrated ultra absorbent fabric. The sweat Headband X2 has two layers of absorbency, and was designed for humid climates, where the drying effect of evaporation is reduced. However, they are also popular with those among us who are the champions of sweat, and need the extra layer regardless of the particulars of climate. Modest bump in price for double the sweat collection

“I tried every headband on the planet and never found one that worked for me until I tried Sweathawg.  Now I wear them for all my runs and all my races.”
Art Feinglass