Headband X2


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Forget even super-sweat! 
Stop annoying dripping sweat even in the most extreme conditions! 
SweatHawg's Headband X2 is our double layer, double duty version, designed for the "ultra sweaters" among us.  This super sweatband is also aimed at those in humid climates, where evaporation is impaired.  SweatHawg Headband X2 has twice the absorption power of our regular sweatband to keep sweat from eyes and glasses, even in the hottest and most humid conditions.

Unique tech fabric system 
Multiple layers of 100% technical fabrics absorb and stop twice the excess perspiration.  This amazing sweatband was designed for running, yoga, spin class, workout, tennis and racquet sports, etc.  Beloved by cyclists and skaters especially, these also work great under helmets of all kinds.  Ultra absorbent and ultra wicking anti-microbial bamboo fabrics absorb and disperse 
to stop dripping perspiration, and evaporate to cool.  Great for hot kitchens too, chefs and line cooks.

Our stylish and versatile sweat absorbing headbands are great anytime anywhere, work or play. Rear hook and loop closure on elastic fabric fits most heads perfectly. 

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PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE:  Most effective sweat managing headwear, or your money back. 


13 Reviews

Hunter W Norris 2nd May 2019

Headband Review

The sweatband is better than a sweatguard as I like to drop my head down/stretch when in an aero position and the sweat would pour out of a sweatguard. Although the sweatband still lets a small amount thru on the side I tend to tilt to, it is still the best head sweat product I've used so far.

Bill 13th Jul 2018

Solved My Problem

I hike the hills in the San Diego area. I hike with trekking poles and, on uphill stretches, it was very frustrating to have sweat trickling into my eyes and burning. I hated to stop and break my rhythm/momentum so first I'd close one eye and keep going but eventually I'd have to stop and wipe the sweat from my face before continuing for a few more minutes. I purchased the X2 headband in April and loved it immediately but was still curious how it would work in warmer temperatures. Now, after a few hikes in the mid-90s, I still love it. I wear it low on my forehead, with the bottom actually covering my eyebrows, and it works great. No more burning eyes and I never have to stop now. Thanks Sweathawg!

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