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Invention of the SweatHawg

SweatHawg Headwear was created to alleviate of my own suffering from sweat. Blurring drips of sweat in my eyes or on my glasses.

Apart from the discomfort, this is also a safety issue when sweat obscures vision during work or play. Many are frustrated by this common problem.

Over time I tried everything, headbands, do-rags, diverters, gutter systems, with little relief. Effective sweat control was, and is, elusive. And apart from limited effectiveness, many of the familiar options are conspicuously visible. They clutter a clean “look” with flapping ties, or that red stripe now embossed on your forehead.

While out riding one day the proverbial light bulb came on, and I sewed a strip of ultra absorbent fabric into an altered do-rag. To my amazement, this simple addition solved my more drips! We added a reservoir of hyper-absorbent fabric to smooth out the floods of sweat. Many months and prototypes later, we had our original product, the helmet liner. That first product has morphed into many more, head bands, skull caps, cycling caps, cap-saving inserts, and, best-seller ever, a sweat band for hard hats. 

SweatHawg Headwear products absorb and wick excess perspiration. This then evaporates to cool you, as nature intends. All incorporate aggressively wicking and absorbent fabrics for drip-free activity. 

With something for anyone doing anything, our products allow you to simply "Forget Sweat". We proudly offer our customers a money-back performance guarantee.

John Rahm, Owner/Inventor

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John Rahm turned a nuisance into a new invention. photo by Gary Yoder

M A D E I N O R E G O N , U S A !

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: You will find SweatHawg products to be the most effective headwear for sweat management, or your money back!