Skull Caps

What a relief, to forget about sweat! 
SweatHawg’s versatile multi-activity sweat absorbing Skull Cap keeps annoying run-away dripping sweat out of your eyes and glasses. With a single or double layer of absorbency (the X2), these are the best skull caps for sweat! SweatHawg skull caps work great either on your bare head or under any helmet, while doing any and every sweaty activity. That might be cycling, skiing, skating, football, lacrosse, hockey, motorcycle riding, horseback riding, the list goes on. In every case our skull caps serve the crucial function of keeping sweat out of eyes, and off of faces and glasses.

"Your product is as promised and I'm so happy to have found something that works." Steve Byam

What makes us different? 
As is true throughout the SweatHawg product line, our skull caps have revolutionary absorbency sewn into aggressively wicking lightweight fabrics that collect excess perspiration, and then disperse, evaporate and cool. 100% technical fabrics, this creative combination of materials puts a stop to dripping sweat, guaranteed. And absorption plus wicking plus evaporation together provide cooling under any helmet, the more airflow the better. For cyclists and others in openly ventilated helmets, our skull caps serve the added function of keeping the sun off their heads. This a great feature especially for the shaved, the bald and balding. Free airflow over the rider’s head quickly evaporates wicking moisture, making our skull cap an effective head cooler.

All seasons, work or play 
Winter will see our skull caps on the heads of runners, skaters, snow shoe-ers, and cross country, skate, and downhill skiers. On a bare head for aerobic high effort winter sports, they offer both sweat control and a bit of warmth.  Chefs love our skull caps for their dual function of keeping dripping sweat out of their eyes and off their faces, while also controlling their hair.
The X2 is popular with the hard hat crowd, industrial, utility, and construction workers, as well as wildland firefighters. Stops dripping sweat!

Either on their own or under a hat or helmet, SweatHawg skull caps are a great support for any sweaty activity, work or play, men or women. Made in the USA.

SweatHawg Skull Caps keep burning sweat out of your eyes.
Skull Cap

5 stars

For the joys of driplessness, this is your key! The SweatHawg Skull Cap is great for excess perspiration management during all kinds of work and play. The best sweat absorbing skull cap. This is it. Forget about sweat!  And the secret is.....
SweatHawg's Ultra absorbent Skull Cap X2 in Charcoal (not quite black)
Skull Cap X2

5 stars

Brings the joys of driplessness to the truly gifted sweaters! Like our regular skull cap, the SweatHawg Skull Cap X2 is great for excess perspiration management during all kinds of work and play. Here with a double layer of absorbency, the X2 was...
SweatHawg Do-Rag Skull Cap in Camo.  Nothing Cooler.
Do-Rag Skull Cap

0 stars

For the joys of driplessness, tie one on!  A Do-Rag, that is. The SweatHawg Do-Rag Skull Cap is an alternate style, a skull cap with ties, equally great for excess perspiration management during work and play. The do-rag also hangs a flap in...
SweatHawg's sweat absorbing Do-Rag Skull Cap X2 with twice the absorbing power.  In charcoal black and camo.
Do-Rag Skull Cap X2

0 stars

Drip-free performance for the most productive sweaters!  Like our regular Do-Rag, the SweatHawg Do-Rag Skull Cap X2 is great for excess perspiration management, whether working or playing. Here with a double layer of absorbency, the X2 was designed...
Winter Skullcap with soft fleece interior from SweatHawg Headwear.
Winter Skullcap

5 stars

Warmer for winter, and no dripping sweat! This is our multi-activity sweat absorbing skull cap for colder weather. Pick one up, and be a little warmer while you forget dripping sweat in your eyes or glasses!  Why we stand out100% technical...