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Skull Caps

Try the SweatHawg multi-purpose Skull Cap to keep burning sweat out of your eyes. They work great on your bare head or under any helmet.  Football, cycling, skiing, skating, lacrosse, hockey, motorcycle riding and more.  In every case our skull caps serve the crucial function of keeping sweat out of eyes, and off of faces and glasses

As do all SweatHawg products, our skull caps have revolutionary absorbency sewn into aggressively wicking lightweight fabrics that disperse, evaporate and cool. They stop dripping sweat. Wicking plus evaporation provides some cooling under any helmet. For cyclists in ventilated helmets, our skull caps serve the added function of keeping the sun off their heads, a great feature especially for the shaved, the bald and balding. Free airflow over the rider’s head evaporates wicking moisture, making our skull cap an effective head cooler.

Winter will see our skull caps on the heads of runners, skaters, snow shoe-ers, cross country skiers, skate skiers, and downhill skiers. On a bare head for aerobic high effort winter sports, they offer both sweat control and a bit of warmth. Chefs love our skull caps for their double function of keeping dripping sweat out of eyes and off faces, while also controlling their hair. 

On their own, or under a hat or helmet, our skull caps are for men and women, are made in the USA and come in a variety of colors. 

"Your product is as promised and I'm so happy to have found something that works." Steve Byam