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Sweat Cap Insert X2

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Sweat Cap Insert X2: twice the sweat stopping power of our regular ball cap inserts.

Top notch absorbency for the hot, the humid and the extra sweaty! SweatHawg Cap Inserts absorb and stop sweat that would otherwise end up burning your eyes and running down your face. These stop the drips and limit the soaking and sweat staining of the cap itself. Just tuck it in front, behind the cap's "sweatband". Whether you are on the field or in the stands, gardening or cooking in a hot kitchen, golfing or hiking your favorite trail, our cap insert will keep sweat out of your eyes and glasses. Any place you wear a cap or hat, for work or play, SweatHawg has you covered!

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Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash Warm, Line Dry. Fabric softener not recommended.
100% Bamboo Poly

11 Reviews

  • 3
    Too thick, hard to keep it in place

    Posted by Ww on 28th Sep 2023

    Effective but it is very thick. I prefer the older thinner ones

  • 3

    Posted by Targ on 14th Aug 2023

    Seems like a good product. Nice and thin , feels good against forehead. HOWEVER, I am NOT able to comment on the inserts ability to absorb sweat or anything else right now because after only the second time using it, it fell out of a brand new hat. I was completely unaware that it had slipped out. By the time I realized it, it was lost. 23 dollars goodbye. This is a problem that must be fixed. Needs some way of securing insert or you WILL lose it every single time. Guess I'll spend another 23 dollars and try again this time with some kind of tape or something but who knows if even that will work.

  • 4
    Cap insert x2

    Posted by David on 3rd Aug 2020

    Works fabulous for sweat but first time I washed it the stitching started coming apart.

  • 4
    Cap Insert X2

    Posted by RWood on 23rd Jun 2020

    I am a heavy sweater and am also a first-time purchaser of a cap insert product. Your Website convinced me to give your product a try with your cap insert x2. I had a concern that your product would cause my hat to not fit since I have a large head ~ 7 ½ but it fit nicely. As a trial I went out and pushed mowed my yard and in ~45 min your product was soaked but not in my eyes. I also had soak thru to the front of the hat but not as bad as without one. All in all, I am satisfied with your product but was hoping to finish yard without changing hats. The last 25 min I used your x2 headband that fit great thank you for the Velcro adjustment one size does not fit all heads. I am ordering another one to put in day to day hat.

  • 5
    Cap Insert X2

    Posted by Jack on 11th Oct 2019

    I play pickleball - often in the heat of the day in Florida. I sweat. This often gives me some discomfort if not outright distraction. A friend, who didn't seem to have the same issue, showed me in the inside of his hat. There it was a Cap Insert. I have ordered 4 and rotate them regularly. They do a great job of absorbing sweat and keeping it off of my face and out of my eyes. Now if Sweathawg can only do something for my drop shot!

  • 5
    Cap Insert X2

    Posted by David Lin on 9th Oct 2019

    Fits perfectly in the cap of my hat. I found you should position the hat on your head a bit lower so that the insert is touching as much of your forehead as possible to be effective. But, it's very effective at keeping the sweat from running down into my eyes.

  • 5
    Cap Insert X2

    Posted by Louie McDaniel on 5th Jul 2019

    Can't say enough about these handy cap inserts. They do a tremendous job of absorbing the sweat and are very comfortable. They even make my caps fit better. I have three of them so I always have a clean one.

  • 3
    Cap insert x2

    Posted by David on 10th Jun 2019

    The product works, however it does not stay in place in any of the hats I own. I have to adjust it each time I put the hat on as it slips out of place, it's bothersome, but it does a great job absorbing excess sweat when it stays in place.

  • 5
    Cap Insert X2 - Great!

    Posted by Kevin M Winters on 19th May 2019

    Slips right in and out! I can already see it extending the life of both my palm Gambler and Havana hats. Great purchase, if I do say so myself!

  • 3
    Technically, it works, but...

    Posted by Pantaz on 9th Oct 2018

    While it seems to adequately soak up sweat, it falls out every time I lift my hat. Every time. I'll try adding some velcro to hold it in place.

  • 5
    New cap insert

    Posted by Mike on 20th Sep 2018

    I like the new larger size cap insert as it sure absorbed more during shot steamy day.