Helmet Liner X² - hook and loop

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Keep sweat from eyes and glasses in even the most humid locations.  

Manage excess perspiration in extreme conditions with another version of our ultra absorbent helmet liner. Double the sweat absorption capability of our original!  This is essentially a front pad replacement system with loop material for hook-and-loop at the front of the SweatHawg Helmet Liner X2.

The drape of anti-microbial bamboo wicking material that lines the helmet, covers the top of your head also serves as sun protection in ventilated helmets. Great for the shaved, the bald and the balding.  SweatHawgs are cool when you're warm and perspiring (and they are damp and evaporating).

Directions for Use:
1) Verify your helmet has removable hook & loop attached pads (most do).
2) Remove the front set of pads.
3) Place your SweatHawg in the front of the helmet, centered and aligned with front edge.
4) Secure in place by pushing the SweatHawg’s loop material onto the hook material inside the helmet.
5) Put the helmet on your head, brow first, secure straps. 
You now have a comfy thirsty SweatHawg instead of front pads!  

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PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE:  Most effective sweat managing headwear, or your money back. 



2 Reviews

24th Jun 2016

If it works in Memphis - It will work anywhere!!!!!!!

I have used Sweat GUTR, Halo Headbands with strip and Headsweats. All of these resulted in less sweat in the eyes and sunglasses, but in the usual summer Memphis heat and humidity, these were overwhelmed on the worst summer days.

I purchased the Helmet Liner X2 with hook and loop along with the Headband. I have only used the Helmet Liner and it has not allowed sweat to run down the front of my face in either the eyes or sunglasses. I thought I would need both the helmet liner and the headband to accomplish this, but so far - no. I may need to use both as the summer progresses, but I have rode with the Heat Index just under 110 degrees F. Don't know how it does this, the X2 is very slim, not bulky at all.

Great product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg 17th Feb 2016

best option I have tried

“The SweatHawg is by far the best option I have tried, and I have now stopped looking.”

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