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Best way to keep sweat out of eyes while riding your bike!  

Manage excess perspiration with another version of our ultra absorbent sweat liner.  This is essentially a bike helmet front pad replacement system with loop material for hook-and-loop at the front of the SweatHawg Helmet Liner.

The drape of wicking material that lines the helmet and covers the top of your head also serves as sun protection in ventilated helmets. Great for the shaved, the bald and the balding. 

Directions for Use:
1) Verify your helmet has removable hook & loop attached pads (most do).
2) Remove the front set of pads.
3) Place your SweatHawg in the front of the helmet, centered and aligned with front edge.
4) Secure in place by pushing the SweatHawg’s loop material onto the hook material inside the helmet.
5) Put the helmet on your head, brow first, secure straps. 
You now have a comfy thirsty SweatHawg instead of front pads!  

Check out our great reviews by those "in the know":  BikeRumor.com and TwentyNineInches.com

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PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE:  Most effective sweat managing headwear, or your money back. 



2 Reviews

Patricia of Northern Utah 30th Jun 2017

4th Sweathawg...soon to be 5

I purchased my first helmet liner a couple years ago hoping to keep the sweat at bay. The only reason it didn't work for me is because my husband nabbed it to see if it would help stop the sunburning of his "shall I say hair-challenged head" from the air vents in the helmet. It solved that issue perfectly! Since then I've purchased a winter hat that works great for cross country skiing, a cap insert, and yes, another helmet liner for myself. It works excellent! Going to try the x2 version next for the upcoming hotter days of summer. Sweathawgs Rule...I highly recommend.

Eric Hall 17th Feb 2016

The Sweathawg helmet liner is the bomb!

"Hello, I would like to offer a testimonial of your product. I'm not one to write lots of reviews, but I am one who likes to promote companies and products that I find to be heads and shoulders above others.
The Sweathawg helmet liner is the bomb!

Let me explain, at the start of summer I'd had a few rides where the sweat had stung my eyes and spotted my glasses. So I set out to find the best sweat control product available at any price. I did a ton of research, read a ton of reviews, solicited feedback from friends and even tried several liners, head caps and headbands from the local bike store/friends. All of them worked better than my bare head, however all of them had their cons. The head caps didn't work on a long ride, the headbands left lines on my forehead.

Then I found Sweathawg. No one I personally knew had ever tried one, but the reviews were great so I bought 1 of your hook and loop cycling helmet liners. Problem solved! I put this in my helmet and have not had a single drop of sweat in my eyes since! It actually keeps my head warmer at the start of a cool morning ride and then later on I can feel it cooly my head! I'm simply amazed at how well it works. Additionally it is a worry free product. I don't have to worry about having weird lines or a weird contraption on my head when I take the helmet off nor do I worry about losing it for it just stays in my helmet ready to go on the next ride. Thank you Sweathawg for a wonderful product."

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