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The best way to keep sweat out of eyes.  

This version of our sweat liner was designed for cyclists.  Our bike helmet liners also happily manage sweat in skate helmets, cowboy hats, equestrian riding helmets, motorcycle helmets and more.  The drape of wicking anti-microbial bamboo material lines the helmet and covers the top of your head also serves as sun protection in ventilated helmets.  Also, great for the shaved, the bald and the balding.

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4 Reviews

Lisette Mocke 27th Oct 2020

Sweathawg Helmet Liner

I have always been a head sweater - living in Queensland Australia we have terrible humidity. I have now tried the helmet liner under my equestrian helmet - it is comfortable and really helps manage my sweaty head.

Howard Wiener 10th Jul 2020

Review of Sweathawg helmet liner

Several years ago, someone gave me the original liner that Sweathawg sold. I used it religiously and it always worked well. Recently, I lost it, so I looked up the company and ordered a replacement. I used it on a ride recently and found it to be a significant improvement over the original liner. It is bigger, it fits nicely inside a helmet, it's very easy to "install" on my head (the instructions are good), and I believe I am less likely to lose it because it seems to stay put in the helmet whenever I removed the helmet from my head. I used it on a very humid day and no sweat dripped into my eyes at all. It was comfortable; it did not cause my head to get too hot. I also ordered the X2 model, in case the basic model did not have enough absorption (I sweat a lot), but based on this one ride, I think the basic model will be fine and serve my needs well. So I think Sweathawg has another winner here.

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