Directions for Use:

1)  Hold helmet in front of you, upside down.

  2)  Align the front of your SweatHawg with the helmet’s front edge.

  sweathawg-helmet-liner-directions-2-opt.jpg  sweathawg-helmet-liner-inside-of-bike-helmet-opt.jpg


  3)  Hold the sides of your SweatHawg in place with both thumbs.


 4)   Place the helmet on your head (brow first).

 sweathawg-helmet-liner-directions-4a-opt.jpg  sweathawg-helmet-liner-directions-4b-opt.jpg

5)  Secure your SweatHawg by tightening helmet straps and the helmet liner is secure where you put it, sandwiched between your head and the helmet.


 That's it!