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Double absorbency, double the sweat stopping

Humidity slows evaporation, and a second absorbent layer helps your trusty sweat stopper to compensate. Most SweatHawg products come in both single and double thickness (X2), the double being designed for humid climates (doubled absorbent layer). If you live in a humid climate, or just know you are a double-heavy sweater, X2 is for you. The single layer versions work fine for most, in dryer air. 

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  • SweatHawg Helmet Liner X² in Charcoal for those extra hot and humid days. Helmet Liner X² in White with twice the sweat absorbing power as our regular helmet liner. Front view of SweatHawg Helmet Liner under helmet Side view of SweatHawg Helmet Liner under helmet

    Helmet Sweat Liner X²

    Our Helmet Sweat Liner X2 has double the sweat stopping capability of our original ultra absorbent helmet liners.   For humid climates and super-sweater type individuals (you know you are!). Manage excess perspiration even in extreme conditions...

  • Sweat Helmet Liner X² - Hook and Loop in Charcoal Black SweatHawg Helmet Liner X² - Hook and Loop in Ash White

    Helmet Sweat Liner X² - hook and loop

    In a helmet, the best way to keep dripping sweat out of eyes and glasses.   Our "no sweat" helmet sweat liners were initially designed for cyclists. But, our bike helmet sweat liners also happily manage sweat in skate helmets, cowboy hats,...

2 of 2 Items