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Get Shorty and Stop Dripping Sweat! 
The SweatHawg Skull Cap Shorty is great for excess perspiration management during all kinds of work and play. The best sweat absorbing skull cap, now back in our popular Skull Cap Shorty version! 

And the secret is...
100% technical fabrics, our sweat absorbing skull cap shorty combines aggressively wicking lightweight hygienic bamboo fabric with a hyper-absorbent brow to stop dripping sweat. Absorption plus wicking plus evaporation cools you when damp, and the flat seams mean no "hot spots" when used under a helmet. 

For whom?
Convenient, comfortable, and effective for every sweaty activity from team sports like football, hockey, running, skiing, cross country skiing, to hiking and climbing, to construction, wildland firefighting, and hot kitchen work.  Side benefits: hides wild hair, shields your head from direct sun. This version comes down to the tops of the ears of most.

Customer Testimonial - "The shorty was AWESOME!  I stayed both cool and dry. No sweat in my eyes and no fogged glasses. Works just great! Nice job.  I scored two goals...........because I could see! Lol. You guys rock!"  Steve Byam


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PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE:  Most effective sweat managing headwear, or your money back. 


11 Reviews

Kevin Smith 9th Jun 2020

Great product and even better service

I was on the fence between the x2 Skull and the short. Ultimately, I went with the Shorty and it is worlds better than anything I have tried. That said, I am a heavy sweater with a shaved head which means no hair to help divert the sweat, so a little drippage did occur. I emailed Sweathawg and asked about exchanging the unworn Shorties (I got 3) for a x2 skull. Jill responded right away and sent 2 x2 along with an envelope to return the unworn shorties. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Will 7th May 2020


Considering a Halo? Think twice. The sweatahawg earns its name, and more. It is comfortable and cook, even in Texas heat. It soaks up the sweat a Halo lets through, keeping your eyes--and your cycling glasses--sweat-free. Worth every penny.

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