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Our products are trusted solutions for stopping sweat! 

Sweat absorbing headbands, hard hat sweatbands, bike helmet liners, skull caps, cap insert liners and more.  Money back guarantee.  Proudly made in the USA.  

Unsure of which SweatHawg product to choose?  Read our article.

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  • SweatHawg Helmet Liner in Charcoal.  Lightweight bamboo anti-microbial fabric wicks sweat away. Helmet Sweat Liner in white.  Ultra absorbent material.  By SweatHawg Headwear Front view of SweatHawg Helmet Liner under helmet Side view of SweatHawg Helmet Liner under helmet

    Helmet Sweat Liner

    In a helmet, the best way to keep dripping sweat out of eyes and glasses.   Our sweat stop helmet sweat liners were initially designed for cyclists.  But, our bike helmet sweat liners also happily manage sweat in skate helmets, cowboy hats,...

  • Hard Hat Sweatband Really WORKS Like Nothing Else Out There to keep sweat out of eyes! Work with wildland firefighter helmets.  Made in USA.  Bamboo anti-microbial wicking fabric.  Hook and Loop closure. SweatHawg Hard Hat Sweatbands not only absorb sweat, but make your hard hat so much more comfortable. Now our Hard Hat Sweatband Liners come in Camo.  Don't ever let them see you sweat! Inside Hard Hat (hard hat not included in sale)

    Hard Hat Sweatband

    Be Happy! And free of dripping sweat. No more drips. No more stinky soggy cotton. Get one now! In the world of hard hat sweatbands, brow pads, hard hat sweat pads, sweat liners, and sweatbands, SweatHawg’s Hard Hat Sweatband is the standout! ...

  • SweatHawg Headband X2 Sweatband.  The best headband for absorbing sweat.

    Sweat Headband X2

    Let's forget about even super-sweat! Relief is here for the hot and humid. Stop annoying dripping sweat even in the most extreme conditions!  SweatHawg's Headband X2 is our double layer, double duty version, designed for the "ultra sweaters" among...

  • SweatHawg  Sweat Absorbing Headband Sweatbands | Extreme Sweat Control SweatHawg Headband - Firecracker Red SweatHawg Headband - Burgundy SweatHawg Headband - Stormy Grey SweatHawg Headband - Olive

    Sweat Headband

    No more dripping excess sweat!  Get one, go dripless, no sweat!  These are the best sweat sweatbands for drip control, guaranteed.  Our Sweat Headbands are a tech fix for excess perspiration (100% technical fabrics).  SweatHawg...

4 of 4 Items