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Best of 2017 BikeRumor.com Review

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17 things that made bicycle travel better in 2017 By Zach Overholt of BikeRumor.com


SweatHawg Cap Insert

I'm definitely what you could call a hat person.  That means I'm almost always wearing a different hat while traveling. But one thing remains constant – the Sweathawg Cap Insert. Hustling through the airport can work up a sweat – especially through the crowded summer season. The Sweathawg insert keeps your cap (or hat) looking fresh by absorbing most of the perspiration and preventing sweat stains. In many cases it can actually make the hat more comfortable (for those that are follicularly challenged). I was given one of these years ago, and bought a bunch more so I could keep them in certain hats and not have to rotate as much. I may have a problem. $10.

Thank you Zach for including SweatHawg Cap Inserts in your "17 things that made bicycle travel better in 2017" article!

It is Headband Season!

‘Tis the season, headband season! One week from official Winter, many of us have been driven inside by cold, snow and darkness. Runner or cyclist, treadmill or trainer, you can still manage a great sweaty workout with SweatHawg Headwear. Links to trainer and treadmill workouts below. Three trainer workouts: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/3-indoor-cycling-workouts-for-the-winter/ Treadmill tips: https://www.verywell.com/common-treadmill-running-mistakes-2911980

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Skull caps are our most popular cold weather product

Sweat management is at least as important in the winter as it is in summer. SweatHawg can help!Skull caps are our most popular cold weather offering. Wick and stay dry!Don’t sweat. You may have heard this basic adage of winter adventure, which in my experience is all but impossible to achieve. But there are some simple things you [...]

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Hydration: The Flip Side of Sweat

For many athletes, sweating feels uncomfortable, though SweatHawg products can certainly help with that (our mission in life).But sweating is of course essential, your body relies on evaporative cooling as the primary mechanism to decrease surface body temperature and prevent overheating. During activities in the heat, the cardiovascular system works overtime in order to provide blood to the working muscles, as well [...]

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Your Sweat Rate Test

Our awesome customer base is made up of folks all at least “above average” in the sweat rate test. Our kind of people!  Anyway, here’s the nitty gritty on sweat rates. We have what you need to keep sweat from your eyes, regardless :-)Eventually we will get to the flip side~hydration.Average and Champion Sweat RatesHow much do we sweat? An average person sweats [...]

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The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber

Great story about the ultimate “no sweat” free solo climber Alex Honnold (nickname “No Big Deal”). Turns out his brain does not register fear. Helps him do things like climb El Capitan this summer solo no rope in 3 1/2 hours. Comment at the summit? “That was rad!”  http://nautil.us/issue/39/sport/the-strange-brain-...Meanwhile, to keep sweat from eyes and glasses the rest of [...]

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New Products Help Beat The Heat

New Products Help Athletes & Workers Beat the Heat: Oregon Start-up SweatHawg Launches Sweat Control Headwear LinePosted on September 26, 2012 by SweatHawg HeadwearSisters, Oregon“If you’ve ever had a problem with sweat running into your eyes or glasses while working or playing hard, we’ve got the best solution,” says company founder John Rahm, who came up with the SweatHawg [...]

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Get a SweatHawg Headband for your favorite tennis player.

Of course, tennis players suffer from dripping sweat. A survey on the Tennis Warehouse website indicates that the most popular solution among tennis players is the headband at 41%, and if you throw in the bandanna people at 19%, that comes to 60%!There is some desperate creativity as well, visors on backwards, and hats PLUS headbands. Whatever works : -)Our [...]

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Get Better at Getting Better

Every world-class performer—from athletes to chess players to musicians—follow these rules to keep improving at their disciplines.Three elements. Turns out the critical element is focus... Your SweatHawg eliminates one big distraction.Read more.

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Whatabout SweatHawg X2?

SweatHawg now offers double-absorbency versions of most of our sweat control products, helmet liners, skull caps, and headbands. And we have the hardhat sweat bands, which were double from the start. While the single layer helmet liner we first offered solo in 2011 was immediately the most effective sweat management product available, we have been gratefully accepting [...]

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