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Memorial Day Weekend Celebration

Memorial Day Weekend Celebration

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 25th May 2018

We remember those who died for their country. God bless.

SweatHawg is a small company that has devised and developed a new technology. Revolutionary “softwear”, made in the USA.  Revolutionary because it actually works!  We are successful because of you, our many loyal customers who managed to find us and support us, one way or another. Thank you.

That said, this intrepid little company would appreciate your help in getting the word out about our products, our uniquely effective solution to dripping sweat. Our fans, finally able to forget sweat, may be prone to forgetting SweatHawg too.

Spread the word. If you think we’re awesome, tell everyone who might find us useful. We have something for anyone doing anything. Many of our products are concealed during use, so your friends may not have a chance to ask. Remember, we back our gear, “best product of its kind or your money back”.

Many thanks to all for your support and appreciation. Add a smidgen to the Gross National Happiness, as more hot drippy people go drip-free with SweatHawg.

Now through Memorial Day Weekend, use coupon code MANY THANKS – for 20% off your order.