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Be Happy, Sweaty Person

Be Happy, Sweaty Person

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 12th Dec 2019

Is it true?  Is sweating actually healthy in itself?  Well, yes it is, and SweatHawg products keep it where it belongs.  Namely, out of your eyes and off your glasses.  

A sports medicine doctor at Ohio State University, Michael Jonesco, says that you can think of sweat simply as salt water excreted from glands in our skin.  However, “There are two types of sweat cells, eccrine and apocrine,” Jonesco explains.  “Most of our glands are eccrine, which is mostly water, sodium, chloride, and potassium.  Apocrine sweat glands, the types found in the scalp, groin, and underarm region have additional fatty acids and protein byproducts like urea and ammonia, also a brew house for bacterial growth”, and thus the associated odors.

Jonesco says sweating is “very healthy,” helping the body maintain a normal core temperature (and the SweatHawg design ~ collecting, wicking, evaporating ~ helps sweat better do this critical job).   In 2011, research found that humans do tend to excrete some toxic elements by way of their sweat.

Some people naturally sweat more than others, which is mostly a predetermined genetic phenomenon.  “However, sweating can also be a trained response of our autonomic nervous system, an important trait in folks that live or exercise in extreme settings and temperatures,” Jonesco explains.  In fact, according to a 2010 study, fit people seem to perspire more and quicker during workouts, allowing them to go harder.

Jonesco says that “a good workout is indeed a sweaty workout,” and should definitely be a goal of your weekly regimens.  “No matter your activity, if you are stressing your body—which is what a good exercise program does to a safe degree - your heart rate and core body temperature should elevate as signs your body is being adequately stressed,” he explains.

So, you can go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for every activity in which you’re downing water and sweating it back out.  Whatever your sweaty activity, SweatHawg has you covered.
Something for anyone doing anything.  Go for it!

John Rahm