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We appreciate the great reviews and testimonials.

"Your hardhat sweatband is the best thing I've bought in years!!  Went from having sweat in my eyes and glasses half the day to barely any now. Even when pouring concrete on 90°+ days for 10 hours." Brandon


"I want to thank you, I have had the hard hat sweatband for a couple of weeks and it is a very welcome, well worth addition. No more pools of sweat in my glasses as I work. The fact that it is machine washable is great. I ordered two, one for the hard hat and one to replace it once it needs to be washed. Thank you again, I will be suggesting your product to my crew."
Ed Gajdzis

I ordered three X2 SweatHawg Headbands to see if they worked as well as they said they would. I sweat a LOT and I'm a believer in these products from SweatHawg!!! I will buy again!! Love these!!!!! Dennis

"I really like my SweatHawg helmet liner, and do not want to ride without one ever again!"


"Hey I have already read most of your testimonials. Just wanted to add a thank you! I bought a helmet liner at the Seattle Bike Expo and this product is outstanding!!! no more sweat in the eyes, no more ice cream head on cold descents either. Keep up the good work."


“I've been wearing my Sweathawgs for about a month now, and all I can say is 'thank you'. I ride 4-6 times a week, and I have struggled for years with sweat running onto my glasses. This product sustained me in the Los Angeles heat on even the longest rides I do.  No false advertising just works. Kudos and thanks from a grateful fan.
Dave McSteve


“A buddy gave me a sweathawg in the spring but weather had not been that warm yet to truly get a feel for it.  I just spent 10 days mountain biking in Sedona with temperatures over 100 almost everyday.  This was a true test for what the sweathawg could do, and it passed with flying colors. Sweat combined with sunscreen always make my eyes sore after hot rides but this did not happen once while using the sweathawg. After ridiculously hot uphills on baking red rock I could feel myself pouring out with sweat but it never hit my eyes. Amazing!!
Greg Zadow


“John, I can pretty much say that my problems are solved!  I've ridden a number of times in VERY hot and humid conditions, and have not had one issue with sweat getting into my eyes during the ride.  Thanks for a great product.”
Scott Wood


“Epstein would’ve been stoked!  It works.  Buy it.”
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“2 of us at the Charm City Roller Girls boot camp used the SweatHawg for practice on Tuesday and they were great!


Edie Meanie Mighty-mo Lang


“Great product!!! Been putting it to the test in the July / August heat here in Bend. Best sweat management tool ever!!!!”
Shawn Vickers


“Wearing full body armor in the high 80's to 90's had me sweating before I even got off of Launch’s Lift. The Sweathawg did its thing with my Bell full-face helmet.”
Mike-Wally Cutillo


“Bonked massively on an 80+mi ride on Sunday, but the one problem I didn't have was sweat in my glasses! Been using a Sweathawg helmet liner for a couple of months now and it's been night and day - great product, good work.”
Jules Benson


The following three comments on


“I’ve had the same experience with the SweatHawg as the reviewer. It does its job and I don’t notice it! No sweat in the eyes ever since I started using it. After long rides I squeeze out a surprising amount of sweat. The SweatHawg is more comfortable and works better than the Halo and Gut’r I’ve used in the past.”
Matt Appleman


“Ditto what all the reviewers have said. I’m a big time head sweat guy, and this thing’s the closest thing to perfection out there. I’ve also tried the Halo and Gut’r (I found the Gut’r to be the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever tried, I literally wore it only two rides before giving up on it). One thing, the front felt pad is a little thick. I actually did remove the front padding from my helmet and like it much more this way. I’ve also ridden with it in triple digit heat, although it’s noticeable it’s not too bad as far as heat. When it’s soaked and evaporating, it actually feels like it gives a cooling effect.


The SweatHawg is by far the best option I have tried, and I have now stopped looking.”


“I ride extensively over the course of a week. Until I received your product, I have been battling a case of stinging eyes as a result of sweat. Typically this would start around the 5-7 mile marker during the course of a ride, lasting from there on out. I ride on gravel and it would get to a point where it would become a riding hazard if the "sting" came on through some sketchy sections. I have tried a few products, but they would completely wet out very quickly and become useless, not this one. Absorbs and transfers the moisture quite well without wetting out even during VERY LONG rides. It also adds a nice dimension to helmet fit. Highly recommended. Cheers.“  
Jeff Henkemeyer


By the way, this is by far the best anti-sweat in the glasses/eyes product I have ever used! I have used them all and this is miles ahead in removing sweat away from the eyes. Now, if only I could stop sweating from the eyebrows….”
Kevin Joy


“I've used the helmet inserts a few times already and they're great. I'm still sweating away but somehow they manage to keep the sweat out of my eyes.  You have one happy customer over here in Sydney.  Cheers.”
Mike C


“I received my sweathawg last week and have done several rides since then including a couple of rides on the new bay bridge down here in the SF bay and have to say, this thing is great.  It works so well that I don't even notice it.  It's only when I realize that I have not felt the sting of sweat in my eyes and had to wipe down that i know this was money well spent and has made my rides all the more enjoyable.  Thanks.  Great product.”


Sweathawg is fantastic. I have been using multiple Sweatvacs. Half way into my 30 mile rides I stop and switch. Just completed my 3rd 30 miler with Sweathawg without a stop. Not one drop of sweat in the eyes. Great product.
Robert Garner


“John, Hi, we met at MBO last weekend.  I purchased the pink helmet liner on Saturday.  That thing worked great!  Even though I didn't finish the Middle Fork ride, it kept in place even when I hit a branch and it moved my helmet around.  Really like your product.  If you are coming in August, I'll purchase another. Thank you for a great product!”
Steve Sprague, Mountain Bike Oregon Guide


“I met you this past weekend at the Wildflower century.  I bought and fully tested one of your liners and LOVED IT (we came by after the ride to rave about it). Keep up the good work and thanks again!!”
Larry F


“My experience with the product has been positive. The first ride (4hrs) was epic as the weather went from sunny and hot to stormy with a temperature drop.  As I expected the sweat was absorbed and did not roll on to my face or glasses during the hot part of the ride but what I hadn't thought of was how this product could keep me warmer and comfortable when needed. It soaked up the rain water and insulated against the wind and cold as we finished up in the dark. I was/am very impressed and continue to use it”.
John L

"Fabulous, wear one everyday for the last 5 years, works great No Sweat!" Daniel Hoyer

 "Hey there, I just love my new SKULLCAP shorty! Was looking for something I could wear under my hockey helmet. Been using a cotton bandana but it wasn't cutting it. I was still getting sweat in my eyes and fog on my glasses. The shorty was AWESOME! I stayed both cool and dry. No sweat in my eyes and no fogged glasses. Works just great! Nice job.  I scored two goals...........because I could see! Lol. You guys rock!

"I never review anything, but I'm rarely impressed by anything. Your product is as promised and I'm so happy to have found something that works. I was very impressed. I can use this for winter hiking and bike racing too! I am psyched!"
Steve Byam

"I love those skull caps!!"
Greg Zadow 

"I have an original SweatHawg and a small beanie one. They work great."
Jeff Dasenbrock

“I tried every headband on the planet and never found one that worked for me until I tried Sweathawg.  Now I wear them for all my runs and all my races.”
Art Feinglass
1.-running-the-nyc-marathon-11-2-14.jpg   2.-running-the-turkey-trot-in-seattle-with-my-daugher-dannah-11-27-14.jpg

"Your products are fantastic; I have several helmet liners in rotation and each has logged many, many miles.  I wore one of your helmet liners on both of these epic rides.  In 2014, I traveled to Hawaii and took my bike with two particular rides in mind: 1. an ascent of Haleakala Volcano, Maui and 2. The Honolulu Century, Oahu.  Your liners were an integral part of my gear in dealing with the hot and humid conditions of Hawaii”.
Dale Ruffolo
haleakala-summit.jpg   honolulu-century.jpg

“I wear your helmet liners on every ride, I sweat a lot and they work great for me!” 

Chris Wickliffe


 “Great products for construction workers, will be telling everyone on the job site.”  

Truth be told, the reason this review is coming out in the middle of winter is because I became so used to the SweatHawg that I forgot about it. It sounds weird, but I’ve been using this product daily for the past almost 6 months and I forgot it because it works, it makes my ride better, and it doesn’t cost the Earth. The SweatHawg headwear has become a fully integrated part of my cycling kit. It should be part of yours too. See the rest of the review by David Halfpenny, Bicycling Network Australia

"Hello, I would like to offer a testimonial of your product. I'm not one to write lots of reviews, but I am one who likes to promote companies and products that I find to be heads and shoulders above others.

The Sweathawg helmet liner is the bomb!
Let me explain, at the start of summer I'd had a few rides where the sweat had stung my eyes and spotted my glasses. So I set out to find the best sweat control product available at any price. I did a ton of research, read a ton of reviews, solicited feedback from friends and even tried several liners, head caps and headbands from the local bike store/friends. All of them worked better than my bare head, however all of them had their cons. The head caps didn't work on a long ride, the headbands left lines on my forehead.

Then I found Sweathawg. No one I personally knew had ever tried one, but the reviews were great so I bought 1 of your hook and loop cycling helmet liners. Problem solved! I put this in my helmet and have not had a single drop of sweat in my eyes since! It actually keeps my head warmer at the start of a cool morning ride and then later on I can feel it cooly my head! I'm simply amazed at how well it works. Additionally it is a worry free product. I don't have to worry about having weird lines or a weird contraption on my head when I take the helmet off nor do I worry about losing it for it just stays in my helmet ready to go on the next ride. Thank you Sweathawg for a wonderful product."
Eric Hall, California

"Hi, I have one of your helmet liners, and it's a fantastic product. I pitch it to all of my fellow riders as New Orleans + summer = major sweat. I was wondering if you guys were considering making a liner with bill to block a little of the sun? That would be the pinnacle of sweat management!"

"I have been a concrete cutter for 24 years and sweat blurring up my safety glasses has always been a problem.  Now with a Sweathawg in my hard hat, my glasses stay on my face to provide the protection they are designed for.  My Sweathawg also provides greater comfort than the original liner. It is the best investment of all the tools I use on a daily basis".

Michael Seeley, Los Angeles, CA

"Your product is fantastic".  I have been using the Halo ii headband and getting sweat drips on my lenses, thereby impairing my MTB rides.  I used the SweatHawg headband yesterday for the first time, and it was both hot and humid outside.  Needless to say, zero drips onto my lenses - an absolutely thrilled customer.  Thank you for making a great product at an affordable price point!!"