The Easy Way to Make Your Own Sports Drink

No praise for pricey powders...water, sugar, and a bit of salt blind-tested better...

Pop quiz: You’re kitting up and getting ready to hit the road with your crew for a Saturday morning ride. You open the pantry and crack open the tub of sports drink mix to discover—d'oh!—a mere dusting of mix remains. Do you: A) Get to the shop in time to buy a few portable drink mix sleeves or tabs? B) Ask the bunch to swing by 7-11 on the way out of town so you can grab a bottle of something blue and sugary for the ride? C) Say screw it, and hit the road on water alone?

How about D) None of the above. Here’s an über-easy option few of us consider that is now scientifically proven to work just as well as, if not better than, your standard sports drink: Put some sugar in your water.

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