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Thank you Gram's Light Bikes for a Fabulous Review

Thank you Gram's Light Bikes for a Fabulous Review

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 24th Apr 2014


SweatHawg Helmet Liner Review

I have been using the SweatHawg helmet liners for close to a year now, and I have found them to be very functional in keeping sweat from dripping down into my eyes during a ride, which is something that profuse sweaters or people with no hair deal with no matter what the weather is like. The SweatHawg is an ultra absorbent helmet liner that comes in two versions, the $20 standard drop in version, and the $22 hook and loop version, which replaces the helmet's normal padding. The liners are made in Oregon using a hydrophilic polyester fabric from Germany.

The cycling market is saturated with various pieces of apparel that attempt to dissipate perspiration from you head during exercise, including helmet liners, bandanas, headbands and skullcaps. The skullcaps and liners have the additional benefit of providing some sun protection, which helps prevent long term skin damage. Any of these head and helmet designs should prevent sweat from dripping down into your eyes and onto your sunglasses, by absorbing, retaining and dissipating the moisture. Not only will it provide a function for profuse sweaters, but it's great for bald, balding and shaved heads. I have always been a helmet liner or skull cap rider, since I want something to protect my skin from the sun and absorb sweat.

Bottom Line

The SweatHawg helmet liners do a great job of absorbing perspiration, and they're excellent sweat dripping stoppers. When worn and fitted properly, they prevent or slow sweat from dripping into your eyes and onto your sunglasses, and the amount of moisture that the front section can hold is significant. The hydrophilic material is comfortable, durable and washable, and I haven't had any wear issues or fraying during my long term use. You can easily rid the brow pad of excess moisture by pushing on the front of the helmet or removing the liner and slapping it on something. I liked the hook and loop version better, since it had a snugger fit in the helmet, and had fewer issues with minor dripping. Fitting might be an issue with some helmets, depending on their design and padding layout.

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