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Shout Out for pictures and videos

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 21st Oct 2015

SweatHawg users, we need your pictures and short continuous videos of this transitional moment... helmet on with dry face and clean glasses, then the helmet comes off and sweat is running down your face.  

Best video gets you a $100 store credit!  Any of your videos or pictures used by us or not, gets you 40% off your next order!

I am sure many of us share the experience of coming in from a hard hot ride, removing the helmet, and having burning sweat immediately run in your eyes. I then realize I have completely forgotten my cool stealthy helmet liner, and only remember how great it is when the helmet comes off and the sweat pours down.

Please send to or a thumb drive to SweatHawg Headwear, PO Box 7572, Bend, OR 97708.
(We will return your thumb drive).

Thank you!