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New Products Help Beat The Heat

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 2nd Oct 2017

New Products Help Athletes & Workers Beat the Heat: Oregon Start-up SweatHawg Launches Sweat Control Headwear Line

Sisters, Oregon

“If you’ve ever had a problem with sweat running into your eyes or glasses while working or playing hard, we’ve got the best solution,” says company founder John Rahm, who came up with the SweatHawg helmet liner when he couldn’t find bike headwear that would fit invisibly in his helmet and stop sweat from staining his glasses. 

(August 28, 2012) – Bringing hope to active people who sweat like beasts, SweatHawg, an Oregon start-up company, has launched a line of innovative head sweat control products.  In time for Labor Day, the first is a helmet liner, promising relief for anyone who wears a helmet and sweats more than average.

Sweat production during exercise ranges between a quart and a gallon per hour, and Rahm is one of many at the heavy end of the range.  Noting recent record-setting heat waves and other trends, Rahm anticipates demand for his next-generation sweat control headwear solution to grow, among outdoor laborers as well as athletes:  

–Approximately six million hard hats are sold in the U.S. annually.

–In 1977, Americans took 1.27 million trips by bike; by 2009 this number had more than tripled to 4.08 million.

–Along with the growth in cycling is a growing need for UV protection in an aging population.  Men in their forties have a 40 percent incidence of male pattern baldness, in their fifties a 50 percent incidence, etc.  And cycling helmets leave gaps where the sun beats down on bare heads.

With its flagship helmet liner product selling briskly—the 500th unit is expected to ship soon—SweatHawg will introduce a head sweat band later this fall, bringing its patent-pending head sweat control technology to runners, tennis players and other athletes.


SweatHawg helmet liners and head bands are a sweat-wicking, hyper-absorbent solution to the problem of sweat in the eyes.  Made in America with imported ultra absorbent fabric, SweatHawgs are a new approach to managing head sweat, outperforming gutter systems and even your favorite bandanna.  Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.