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Whatabout SweatHawg X2?

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 18th May 2017

SweatHawg now offers double-absorbency versions of most of our sweat control products, helmet liners, skull caps, and headbands. And we have the hard hat sweatbands, which were double from the start. While the single layer helmet liner we first offered solo in 2011 was immediately the most …
The Easy Way to Make Your Own Sports Drink

The Easy Way to Make Your Own Sports Drink

Posted by By Selene Yeager on 15th May 2017

No praise for pricey powders...water, sugar, and a bit of salt blind-tested better...Pop quiz: You’re kitting up and getting ready to hit the road with your crew for a Saturday morning ride. You open the pantry and crack open the tub of sports drink mix to discover—d'oh!—a mere dusting of mix remain …

​Articulate "why cycling makes you happy"

Posted by Selene Yeager on 3rd May 2017

Why riding makes you happy...even happier with dry eyes and glasses.It’s the feeling that pulls you out of bed to saddle up before the anyone else is awake. It’s what beckons you to strap on your shoes and go for a ride when the day is done. It’s that happy, relaxed state of mind we seek when we rol …