The Invention of the SweatHawg PATENT

Soon after taking up cycling many years ago I began to experience a common problem, blurring drips of sweat on the inside of my glasses. For others it is sweat in their eyes or even worse, sweat mixed with sunscreen, or all of the above.

I tried every product out there, headbands and do-rags and gutter systems, with little relief. Apart from limited effectiveness, they all had yet another downside. Conspicuously visible, they clutter a clean “look” (dork factor).

In my frustration I had a friend sew a piece of ultra absorbent cloth into a surgically altered do-rag (ties and back of headband removed). Simple change, huge improvement!  Many months and many prototypes later, we had the SweatHawg Helmet Liner, our flagship product!

Aggressively wicking fabrics sandwich a comfy layer of hyper absorbent cloth sourced in Germany.  The SweatHawg helmet liner absorbs and wicks, then evaporates and cools like nothing else out there. The "drape" over your head keeps the sun off (UV protection), and Its “stealthy” design leaves it unseen in your helmet.

Best of all, IT WORKS!

M A D E   I N   O R E G O N , U S A  !

You will find sweathawg extreme sweat control products to be the most effective of their kind, or your money back.