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Double absorbency, double the sweat stopping

Humidity slows evaporation, and a second absorbent layer helps your trusty sweat stopper to compensate. Most SweatHawg products come in both single and double thickness (X2), the double being designed for humid climates (doubled absorbent layer). If you live in a humid climate, or just know you are a double-heavy sweater, X2 is for you. The single layer versions work fine for most, in dryer air. 

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  • SweatHawg Cap Insert X2 stops dripping sweat with twice the absorbing power SweatHawg cap insert X2 inside ball cap Cap Insert X2 in ball cap behind sweat band

    Sweat Cap Insert X2

    Sweat Cap Insert X2: twice the sweat stopping power of our regular ball cap inserts. Top notch absorbency for the hot, the humid and the extra sweaty! SweatHawg Cap Inserts absorb and stop sweat that would otherwise end up burning your eyes and...

1 of 1 Items