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Levis Gran Fondo

We were there last year, this is a big, classy, prestigious, and for some, a serious event. In a GranFondo you can race or ride, and many ardent participants wander past the booth. We see more bulging Spandex at Levi's than any other event we frequent, with the possible exception of the Sisters Stampede. You can go easy, or brutal, take your pick. The Panzer is 116.8 miles, 10,503' of vertical, long since sold out to 400 GfP's (gluttons for punishment). Beautiful scenery abounds for those who can relax and look up. Festival follows on Sunday. The hardcore should should hit the SweatHawg Headwear booth on Friday, as the end of burning eyes and smeared lenses makes for a faster and happier ride.

"Levi's GranFondo is both a challenging and competitive mass start cycling event hosting riders of all ability levels from around the world. It began in 2009 with the inaugural ride hosting 3,500 participants and is the brainchild of former professional cyclist Levi Leipheimer. Levi donates 100% of his time to the event that bears his name so that our community and the charities that benefit from your registration fees and fundraising can thrive. Levi’s GranFondo is heralded as one of the best organized cycling events in the world by sources such as Red Kite Prayer, Road Bike Action, and Outside Online."

Enjoy your ride dripless, as SweatHawg Headwear absorbs, wicks, evaporates, and cools.