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Freedom to Perform

Freedom to Perform

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 11th Feb 2016

Isn't this, in general terms, the holy grail of sport? Or any determined activity? The elimination of conditions that impair your best performance all bring a measure of Freedom to Perform. The experience of freedom in performance is the rationale for the 1 kg carbon road frame (faster!), t …

Why You Need to Sweat to Win

Posted by on 13th Dec 2015

Yes, winners are usually big sweaters (see link below) and SweatHawgs are for winners and winner wanna-bes who want to see where they are going. Go dripless! Great article from Check it out.Why You Need To Sweat To Win. …

Shout Out for pictures and videos

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 21st Oct 2015

SweatHawg users, we need your pictures and short continuous videos of this transitional moment... helmet on with dry face and clean glasses, then the helmet comes off and sweat is running down your face.  Best video gets you a $100 store credit!  Any of your videos or pictures used by us o …