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Snow bike season is here!

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 2nd Dec 2015

So, snow bike season is upon us, in my case, 27.5 +, 3" tires. Splendid day, sunny, 20 degrees. I chose a balaclava from my ski gear, but would have been much happier with a winter skullcap. And 5" tires. Six miles in 6" of partially tracked loose cold snow felt like 20. Great …

Shout Out for pictures and videos

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 21st Oct 2015

SweatHawg users, we need your pictures and short continuous videos of this transitional moment... helmet on with dry face and clean glasses, then the helmet comes off and sweat is running down your face.  Best video gets you a $100 store credit!  Any of your videos or pictures used by us o …

Crater Lake Closed to Cars!!!

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 14th Sep 2015

CRATER LAKE: FYI, closed to cars, open to bicycles, next Saturday and the Saturday after, 9/19 and 9/26. Oregonians and NorCal folks might want to take advantage.Less Sweat, More Fun!Test-rode the soon-to-be available SweatHawg cycling cap around Crater Lake last Friday, performed as intended...n …