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The Minimalist Helmet Liner By Ed Miller

The Minimalist Helmet Liner By Ed Miller

The Sweathawg® helmet linear is a small portion of moisture wicking fabric that you wear under your helmet. It is not quite a hat, it’s smaller. It slips right into your bike helmet before you put it on. Your helmet keeps it on as it is strapped to your head.

The front is padded to help wick moisture and keep sweat from rolling down your forehead and into your eyes. The material wicks the sweat from your head and helps keep you cool.

What separates this helmet linear from most is that it is not bulky or restricting on the head or ears. It is kept tucked up inside the helmet.  There is no excess material hanging down below the helmet line, flapping in the wind or covering your ears. Its value is in, that there is not a lot to it. So it may not be your first choice when trying to layer up on a cold day. It provides more comfort and cooling on a moderate day or if you plan on riding hard and need help to keep from overheating. 

After you use it a couple of times you will find a helmet linear is part of your regular biking gear.