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Be Happy! And free of dripping sweat.

No more drips. No more stinky soggy cotton. Get one now! In the world of hard hat sweatbands, brow pads, hard hat sweat pads, sweat liners, and sweatbands, SweatHawg’s Hard Hat Sweatband is the standout!  100% technical fabrics, and double layer absorbency make our Hard Hat Sweatbands the best, guaranteed. Our hard hat sweatband performs like nothing else to keep sweat out of your eyes and off your glasses. They are simple to use and, durable, comfortable, and hygienic. Get them for the whole crew. Bulk discounts available.

What's to like? 

Bye bye bandanna! Technical fabrics combine stop runaway sweat. Revolutionary absorbency is sewn into aggressively wicking bamboo fabric that disperses, evaporates and cools.  This is a long-lasting major addition to hard hat comfort and safety!  Machine washable, easy to care for, these sweatbands are critical personal protection equipment 

Five star fan base! Who doesn't love the end of dripping burning blurring sweat?

Sought after by construction, utility and industrial workers, road crews, and wildland firefighters, our sweat stopping hard hat sweatbands are designed to last for years.  SweatHawg's super absorbent hyper-wicking sweatbands stop burning blinding sweat and clear the blurry vision caused by sweat smeared glasses and face shields.  Our easy to use hook and loop clamshell design and careful production are for all who drip sweat while wearing hard hats, wildland fire helmets, bump hats, welding helmets and face shields.  Buy one now. Keep sweat from eyes and glasses, for comfort, hygiene, and safety! No sweat!

How to use 

The clamshell design of SweatHawg's Hard Hat Sweatband easily folds around the brow band of a hard hat or helmet to manage excess perspiration.  See our guidelines and photo sequence below.  We recommend removing the ineffective, unwashable, uncomfortable, unsanitary, permanently adhered brow pads that come standard in many hard hats. Do you really want these against your skin?  Think of our hygienic sweatbands as a removable, washable brow pad.  They are much cushier than the factory pads, and much healthier.  Comfortable. Machine washable.  OSHA Compliant.  Made in USA.

"I have been a concrete cutter for 24 years and sweat blurring up my safety glasses has always been a problem.  Now with a Sweathawg in my hard hat, my glasses stay on my face to provide the protection they are designed for. My Sweathawg also provides greater comfort than the original liner. It is the best investment of all the tools I use on a daily basis."  Michael Seeley, Los Angeles, CA

Directions for use Photo Sequence

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Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash Warm, Line Dry. NO fabric softener, please
Wicking Bamboo hybrid fabric