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Cycling the Silk Road from Beijing to Tehran

Cycling the Silk Road from Beijing to Tehran

Posted by SweatHawg Headwear on 19th Dec 2018

The Silk Road
In the summer of 2016, Charles Stevens and Will Hsu successfully cycled the Silk Road, becoming the youngest pair to ever complete this brutal route. Upon its conclusion, the expedition raised over $50,000 for A Child Unheard, won national awards, and achieved a total estimated exposure of 25 million people.

SweatHawg was along for the ride. 

The Silk Road, from Beijing to Tehran, is considered to be the longest, hardest, hottest, and coldest route in the world. After 6000 miles through nine of the world’s most isolated countries, temperatures ranging from 15 to 115 degrees, across mountain ranges and deserts – and a myriad of other challenges – Will and Charles successfully arrived in Tehran after an epic adventure. A little pavement, and lots of gravel, dirt, and sand, hot and cold, high and low. Fewer people have done this then have climbed Mount Everest.

Read more of their story, and watch the fascinating video, “Beijing to Tehran”

Please consider a donation to their charity, a project in kindness, educating and supporting children. A Child Unheard.